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PostSubject: MJSUNIFC updates   MJSUNIFC updates Icon_minitimeMon Feb 22, 2010 3:19 am

1st issue: There has been an exhibition planned that will display many of Michael’s personal items. Joe wants to inform fans that those items were STOLEN from Michael’s estate after his passing. Michael nor the family ever intended for those things to be taken. Michael’s personal possessions should belong to his children and the estate, not some company wishing to exploit them.

It is believed that one of those people, Dr. Tohme Tohme, took those items illegally. There are recorded phone conversations of Michael saying he was afraid of this man while he was employing him. Michael was unaware of several of the dealings this man was making. And, now, Randy Phillips, head of AEG is involved in this mess, which takes Michael’s money away from his children. While John Branca is an executor of the will, this is a service he is paid for as an attorney, but currently he and John McClain are trying to get a stake in all the revenues generated since Michael’s passing for transactions that they approved. They are already paid to do the job they should not receive any part of the money those deals generated that used Michael’s name, face, and artistic work. They are taking the money from his children, and Joe believes they will take it all from them if they are allowed to have their way. He also believes Frank Dileo is involved in trying to take the children's money.

Joe is unhappy that recently Michael's former manager Frank Dileo accepted an award on Michael's behalf. He was NOT authorized by the family to do so. That in itself is one thing, but what's worse is that he KEPT THE AWARD and did not give it to the children or the family. If the award was for Michael then Michael's children and family should have it. Frank does not speak or act on behalf of Michael or the family.

2nd issue: There has been much discussion lately about the children accepting an award at the Grammy ceremony. Some people are upset that Michael went to great lengths to keep his children out of the public eye and to protect them from the damage the media and public caused him and now the children are being exposed publicly. Also, it is a fact that millions of dollars will be made by media outlets and tabloid press off of the children and pictures from the event, which no one wants. The decision to allow this was NOT taken lightly. There was much discussion about it in the family, even up to the moment. Everyone is very concerned with honoring Michael's wishes and protecting the children. The children and their well being is first on everyone's minds and hearts. After MUCH deliberation, however, the final decision was made by Kate to allow the kids to appear. Her reason for doing so was that the children themselves came to her, with speeches they had written themselves and asked that they be allowed to speak on behalf of their father. She felt she had to let them. After all, who could possibly deserve to accept anything on Michael's behalf more than his own flesh and blood children who meant more to him than anything in the world?

Please understand this; the family is not parading the children around for publicity, nor do they wish to see them all over newspapers and magazines. In fact that is exactly what they do not want to see. But, Kate feels it is not right to deny the children this request. If this is what they need to help them honor his memory and is part of their grieving process, so be it. They have been through too much to not allow them to participate in a tribute to honor their father if they choose to do so. Please respect this and do not believe what you see in the news, and do not support media that will exploit the children afterwards. This was a very difficult decision that many family members are uneasy about, but in the end, Kate is the person to whom Michael entrusted his children and she will only do what she feels is in their best interest.

3rd issue:
Joe says that he and the family is very upset that someone name "Raffles" is going around telling fans that he worked for Michael Jackson, and feels that he is exploiting the fans. Joe said Raffles NEVER worked for Michael and has associated himself with a popular MJ Fan Club and got AEG involved somehow to support his claims and efforts as well as financial gains.

As much as many of us fans dislike or even hate Joe, we have to still treat him with a lil decorum as he is after all Michael's father.Let us not forget that we are of big hearts, just like Michael. Just to be safe frm being cheated by these bloodsuckers using Michael's name so freely, pls pass on the msg & warn others (esp collectors) to be wary.

Love lives forever & Michael is Love
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MJSUNIFC updates
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